24 Best Mommy Bloggers to Follow in 2019


Are you looking for the best mummy bloggers to follow this year?

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First of all, I must admit that being a mother is one of the most tedious, yet most rewarding tasks in the world. In fact, I respect motherhood).

Initially, you have this tiny baby in your womb. After 9 months, you give birth to him and he becomes troublesome and relies on you for everything:

  • You’re awake at night to take care of him when others are sleeping
  • You’re always there to comfort him when he’s sick
  • You give up your food for him to eat even when you’re pretty hungry
  • You give up your lovely career just to be there for him
  • You do virtually everything for him to be happy

As time goes on, he grows up to make you happy and satisfied, and eventually turn to a teenager who can take care of himself, and want nothing to do with you anymore.

Oh, motherhood – what a noble stage in a woman’s life.

The fact about motherhood is that it’s exciting and wonderful. However, it can also be scary, frustrating, and lonely. Now, that’s where great mummy blogs come in. They’ll always be there to empathize with you and remind you that you’re not alone.

Apart from that, they’ll always provide you with somewhere to turn for helpful tips, advice, and camaraderie when things get messy. However, there are many mummy bloggers on the internet today, with a lot of new ones coming up every day.

But, if you’re looking for the best, supportive, and helpful mummy bloggers to follow in 2019, I’ve listed 23 of them below.

24 of the Best Mummy Bloggers to Follow

1. I Am Not the Babysitter

Jamie Lynne Grumet is a 26 years old California mum and the owner of “I Am Not the Babysitter” blog where she writes about her experience as a mother of two sons of which one was adopted from Ethiopia, and the other is biological.

According to Jamie, “I am chronically mistaken for the babysitter of my children. Ironically, our babysitter is always mistaken for my kids’ mom — even when I’m there!” she writes.

However, Jamie’s blog is typically narrative-driven. She writes about lifestyle decisions like homeschooling and attachment parenting but also emphasizes on important social issues like same-sex marriage and clean water in Ethiopia.

In 2012, Jamie Lynne Grumet appeared in a controversial Time magazine cover, where she was breastfeeding her three-year-old son “Aram.”

I am not a babysitter

According to Mashable, “due to the provocative nature of the image and its widespread popularity, some people felt that the cover is hurting the boy’s reputation in the future. Some feel that it’s exploiting mothers.

Others have found humor in the cover, manipulating the image and the topic by referencing other bits of pop culture.”

2. Rockin Mama

Rockin Mama

The blog “rockinmama.net” was launched by a neonatal intensive care unit nurse who describes herself as a “co-sleeping, baby wearing, breastfeeding mama.” Her blog is about the tears, laughter, and everything in between of motherhood.

The Rockin Mama blog is filled with lots of personal posts including posts about travel, food, crafting, and entertainment.

She initially wanted to blog about her son’s first year of life, but as time goes on, she started loving what she was doing and decided to expand into something broader.

Today, the Rocking Mama blog has something to offer every mom out there, whether you’re searching for new travel destinations for you and your kids, or you’re simply interested in finding gluten-free recipes, you’ll definitely find something interesting on the blog.

3. Rookie Moms

rookie moms

You’ll agree with me that brand-new motherhood can be quite terrifying and exhausting. As a mother, you’ll always want to ensure your baby is doing very fine.

  • Are they breathing well at night?
  • Are they healthy enough?
  • Are they getting enough food?
  • Is something disturbing them?

These and more are the things mothers usually battle with while nursing their newborn.

Owned by Amber, the Rookie Moms blog is specially meant for those deep in the channels of new motherhood, one the blog, Amber is a mother of 5 children, and covers everything from newborns to preschool age on her blog.

On the Rookie Moms blog, you’ll find helpful advice on the various tips for postpartum symptoms improvement, the necessary baby products for new mums, and different parental and empathic stories that you can easily connect and relate with.

4. 24/7 Moms

247 moms

According to Tricia, the mom behind 24/7 Moms:

“24/7 MOMS has been created by MOMS for MOMS who understand that this thing called motherhood can actually be an adventure all on its own – scary yet exciting, challenging yet rewarding, full of ups and downs.”

Furthermore, in her own words, “I created 24/7 MOMS to be the go-to place for moms to be inspired, equipped and connected as we travel this motherhood adventure together.”

Apparently, motherhood is the only job that doesn’t have vacation time and sick days, which is why the moms at the 24/7 Moms blog are there to give you all the necessary supports and advice you need when it all starts getting a little overwhelming.

This is a fantastic place for moms looking for meal-preparation tips, budgeting guide, and good ways to spend the holidays with your kids. That’s not all, they also have a section on the blog that teaches you how to keep your marriage strong.

5. Tech Savvy Mama

tech savvy mama

The ever-evolving world of gadgets and technology our kids have access to can sometimes seem very disturbing – it’s totally different from what many of us experienced as a kid.

Founded by Leticia, Tech Savvy Mama is the perfect blog for parents that are concerned about traveling that world with their kids.

Leticia is a mom with a background in classroom technology integration and school administration, and through her blog, she’ll help you understand how to protect your kids and keep them safe while still allowing them to embrace the gadgets and techs available to them.

6. The Mommyhood Chronicles

the mommyhood chronicles

Melissa is a part-time dentist, married to an orthodontist and she’s the brain behind The Mommyhood Chronicles blog.

Apart from being a dentist, Melissa has lots of other interesting things going on for her, especially on her blog.

On The Mommyhood Chronicles blog, you’ll read lots of birth stories that will wow you.

Furthermore, she publishes super engaging travel related posts, which will certainly have you wanna pack your luggage for a trip.

Finally, if you’re a mom looking for parenting tips and advice loaded with a piece of humor, then The Mommyhood Chronicles blog is the best place to be.

7. Love That Max

love that max

According to Ellen, “she launched the Love That Max blog in October 2008 as an inspirational, informational, occasionally irreverent blog. Over the years, the blog evolved to help people better see the ability in disability.”

Here’s the point; raising a child with a disability and special needs comes with some challenges other parents don’t necessarily have to deal with – and finding a space that helps you feel a bit less alone in that situation can sometimes mean everything to you.

Her son (Max) has cerebral palsy, and she is all about creating awareness and being a source of motivation and support to other moms that are raising a special needs kid.

Apart from that, Ellen is also a working mother with 2 other children, and her aim is to share her story in her blog, hoping that it might help other moms in their journey.

8. Mom Spark

mom spark

Amy Bellgardt is a work-at-home mom of 2 teens and the owner of the Mom Spark blog. She created the blog as a way to connect with fellow moms and share their experiences and stories.  When it comes to raising kids while working from home, Amy truly knows the struggle.

The Mom Spark blog is specifically a place for moms interested in parenting, travel, fashion, entertainment, parenting, and even blogging tips for those thinking of setting up a blog of their own.

9. Feels Like Home

feels like home blog

Tara Ziegmont is a wife and mom of 2 beautiful daughters who understand what it’s like to feel drained and overwhelmed, both emotionally and physically, by life and motherhood.

The Feels Like Home blog is specifically targeted at other moms who may be having the same feeling right now, and are currently not sure of how to find their way out.

The blog is mostly focused on spiritual, physical, and mental health. Tara’s blog posts reflect her passion for helping moms take good care of themselves and their kids.

10. A Cowboy’s Wife

a cow boys wife

Lori Falcon is the brain behind A Cowboy’s Wife blog.

As someone who has successfully raised 2 kids into adulthood with a preteen still at home, you must agree with me that Lori has a bunch of parenting experience to share with fellow moms.

She created her blog as a place to share her parenting experiences with likeminded moms!

The Cowboy’s Wife blog isn’t just for fans of horse pictures, it equally features some of her favorite recipes, her photography, as well as a little of gaming discussions.

Recommended Reading

Other Mom Bloggers You Should Absolutely Check Out

11. Mamaesroh

Esther is a twin mom and I’m also a school psychologist intern and I share honestly about what it’s like to raise twin boys! My boys are almost 1 and I use my knowledge in developmental child psychology and share my experiences!

12. Counting To Ten

Kate is a mum of 3 talking about the challenges and fun of co-parenting a 7-year-old and life with a toddler and baby.

13. Katy Kicker

In her blog, Katy talks about parenting and family finances, and she loves to help people kick their finances into touch.

14. Bubba Blue and Me

Emma is a UK mum of 1. In her blog, she writes about a guilt-free family lifestyle parenting a school-age child.

15. Big Family Organised Chaos

I’m a mum of seven from aged 5 to 21 writing about the chaos and hectic life of a larger family.

16. Mixed Race Family

At the Mixed Race Family blog, Fariba shares about her process of raising three mixed race kids and supporting a community of multiracial/multicultural families navigating the complicated journey of mixed race, identity and culture.

17. The Mum Diaries

Jaymee is a mum of 3 boys who enjoys being outdoors camping! The Mum Diaries covers all aspects of parenthood from money-saving, meal plans to fashion trends. As well as documenting our family adventures.

18. Soph Obsessed

In her blog, Sophie writes about parenting, family, and life in general. She’s all about building up other parents and abolishing this misconception that parenting should be perfect.

In her own words:

“We are all just trying to do our best to get by, and I am no exception and can often be found unashamedly winging it on the daily! I appreciate the simple things in life good food, great company and lots of laughter.”

19. My Favorite Fob Title is Mom

Here, Lauren covers pregnancy, newborn and toddler related topics from a working moms perspective.

20. Mummy Matters

Sabina is a stepmom to a 17-year-old (since he was 2) and has 3 younger children. In her blog, she writes about parenting and lifestyle. She also has a daughter with extreme food phobias and a son who has finally got over his fear of pooping for 2 years.

21. All Mum Said

Kell is the mom behind the All Mum Said blog where she covers everything from pregnancy, baby, and toddler to teens. As well as lifestyle and women’s topics.

22. Lets Go Mum

Lets Go Mum is a solo mum and two girl’s travel and lifestyle blog.

23. Imperfect Mummy

The Imperfect Mummy blog is a wonderful blog focused on realistic parenting as well as low tox ideas.

24. The Wife Choice

Anne has been writing this blog as a part-time job for a couple of years after her little son’s second birthday. Holding a master’s degree in Social Psychology, she shares her rich experience of raising a child, being a wife and reviews many baby products useful for first-time parents.


As you can see, there are lots of mommy bloggers out there that are doing absolutely well working from home while also taking care of their little ones.

If you’ve been looking for the best and professional tips and advice on how to raise a child, travel with your kids, take care of kids with disability and special needs, or how to budget properly for your family, then I suggest you make these mommy blogs your closest companion.

And if as a stay-at-home mom, you’re also considering setting up a blog to share your own parenting and personal experiences, you’re definitely going to get a lot of inspirations from these blogs on how to go about it.

Finally, if there’s any mommy blog you constantly visit that I didn’t mention here, please tell me about in the comment section below. And if you enjoyed this post, please kindly share it with your friends on social media.

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