6 thoughts on “How To Create a WordPress Blog (UNDER 5 MINUTES) With Bluehost: It’s Easier Than You Think”

  1. Actually, I am looking for cheap hosting service so can you please help me to find best and cheap hosting service by the way, I am using hostgator hosting service they give good service but now i am looking for change. Is bluehost good hosting company? or can you suggest me good one hosting company…

  2. For people who are not too techy or dont know anything about html,css,php to make a website I encourage you to follow this tutorial,this will teach you how to make your own website/blog in a faster way.

  3. Bluehost has a rock-solid reputation in the shared and WordPress hosting communities, and they’ve been a long-time favorite host of mine…cheers to bluehost and wordpress!

  4. This is a very wonderful tutorial Theodore,

    One of the easiest tasks there is when it comes to blogging is setting up a WordPress site. I mean, this is something that can typically take someone less than 5 minutes to finish.

    And with guides like this, it will make it easier for beginners to do it on their own without needing external assistance.

    Thanks for sharing.


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