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One of the best ways by which your ideas can get to the entire universe is through Blogging. A few decades ago, the only people who could be heard were journalists and published writers, but today, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can reach out to the whole world.

A Blogging Platform can be referred to as a framework and foundation to bring life to your blog. It is embedded with all the materials you may need to send out your blog posts to the wider community.

Blogging platforms come with unique features and offer that distinguish one from another. They have built-in comment and social media sharing options to enhance the quality and spread of your posts. In comparing the Best Blogging Platforms 2018, there are certain advantages and shortfalls to consider; which will help you in making an informed choice.

Your blogging platform must be reliable, so you do not suffer from any downtime. Customization option should be available in order to help you adjust the look and feel of your blog. There are questions which should come to you to help you pick the best blogging platform.

The questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do I want a website or a blog?
  • Do I intend to make money from my blog and how much do I want to spend?

The answers you give to yourself will prepare you for the right choice of a Blogging Platform.

Blogging can bring a lot of life to your business and ideas. Many companies are interested in hiring persons with a strong internet presence to help boost their business through advertisement. As a professional writer, you can make money while expanding your online portfolio through your regular publications.

This article explores the Best Blogging Platforms to ensure that you have an easy start as you venture into the global world. Let’s go there!

Best Blogging Platforms 2018


Blog Tool Publishing Platform and CMS — WordPress

Currently, WordPress has expanded its reach to many online blogs and websites. It will interest you that 30% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress.

You will enjoy the free software it offers but will have to subscribe to a hosting plan with any of the host service providers and obtain a unique domain name. This version of WordPress has a learning curve which enables anyone with an element of computer literacy to easily move on with the basics of the platform in less than an hour. On completion of these basics, you will find yourself becoming the next internet sensation through your posts.

What makes WordPress primarily interesting is its ability to be customized. It comes with eye-catching features that you can use to give your blog the look and feel you desire. In addition to this, it has over 45,000 plugins which you can use freely (though there are premium ones that are paid for) to enhance the appearance of your site.

If you are serious with blogging and want the best from the host, then the option to go for is the self-hosting WordPress as you will have a dedicated site with their domain. You will be provided with the opportunity to place targeted ads and earn some bucks in the process.

What We Like

  • It is the most popular among bloggers.
  • Availability of countless design templates.
  • Over 45,000 plugins for your site’s customization.
  • Round the clock support team who will assist you during a problem.
  • Relatively secure

What We Do Not Like

  • Hosting is not free.
  • Beginners must go through the tutorials before getting started.
  • It takes time before your site comes to life just as you want it to be.


2. Blogger

Blogger Welcome

As a blogging platform which is known for its reliability; the Blogger has consistently provided a stage for bloggers to stand and be heard globally. If you have a Google account, you can sign up for the site in one click because it is managed by Google now. The user end of the platform is very simple, and all the technical aspects of your blog are handled at their end.

It will interest you that Blogger offers free hosting for its users and you can customize your domain name from the default ‘’ The user end of the platform is very engaging and simple to use; with numerous options of customization available to design the page to your taste. This is best for bloggers who just intend to share their mind and opinion with the outside world.

If you are not doing blogging for the love of it or interested in making money as a blogger, then Blogger is not for you.

What We Like

  • Starting of the blog is very quick and easy.
  • The user interface is very clean and simple.
  • You do not have to pay any extra fee for hosting.
  • Available gadgets to easily customize your blog to your taste.

What We Do Not Like

  • There is the tendency that the interface could appear outdated in comparison to other service providers.
  • The customization options are relatively few.
  • Non-availability of plug-ins
  • Not suitable for those with intentions of making money.
  • Your account can be closed by Google without a prior warning


3. Medium

Medium – a place to read and write big ideas and important stories

This is one blogging platform which has promoted the potentials of professional writers and hobby bloggers. Over the years, Medium has become popular among the community of writers and bloggers who share their posts for all to read. It provides a consistent layout for all its users.

You will appreciate the fact that it offers free hosting and platform once you are onboard. Note that you will not own a dedicated domain, but you can use the option to customize a domain for specific articles or posts. Because everyone is offered the same layout design, it becomes very easy to surf. The only first step to make is just to sign up.

This Blogging Platform presents an excellent choice for hobby bloggers and business interested individuals who want to spread their online tentacles. Medium is created for everyone and has so far played host to great writers and bloggers of global ranking.

Medium is much useful to bloggers who post personal stories; and if you want to experience what it is like to be a player in the blogging world, then you are right on point.

What We Like

  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Users do not have to pay for the services.
  • You can find help or assistance from other members of the community.
  • The looks of your text can be customized to your specifications.

What We Do Not Like

  • The option of customizing the blog is unavailable as everyone is provided with the same layout design.
  • Your publications are subject to the decisions of the host.


4. Tumblr

Sign up Tumblr

If you aim at posting short contents or stories, Tumblr is the right place to start the journey. The site is flooded with quotes, images, videos, GIFs, and microblogs. Good contents have the potential to attract significant traffic from the site as users have the chance to comment directly on posts.

The site is free, and you will not be requested to make payment for subscriptions. With a little effort in the site, you can earn a custom domain, but at first, you will be provided with a subdomain along with your account. It will interest you that the site is very easy to use and just anyone can get started.

Tumblr is regarded as the easiest-to-use Blogging Platform with a variety of custom designs to make your work and page wear the look you desire. However, most of the designs come with payments, so you should be prepared to let go of some bucks before opting to apply them.

If your interest is to churn out posts for fun without intentions of making money out of it, then Tumblr is the choice to make. The features are excellent for posting of short contents in different file types.

What We Like

  • It offers a great user interface with a community of members keeping the vibe of a social network site.
  • Usage is free.
  • The subdomain comes with free hosting.
  • The interface is super simple and friendly to use.
  • Numerous designs to lift your site to full glare.

What We Do Not Like

  • The features provided are limited when compared to other blogging platforms.
  • Plug-ins are unavailable
  • Absence of extensions



Following ‹ Reader — WordPress com has numerous features that make it the pride of bloggers with global appeal. It is the hosted version of the popular WordPress. With, you will not need downloading any software because it is 100 percent online. It is very easy to set up accounts, and posting of contents is exacted immediately after you complete the sign-up process.

There is free hosting for beginners and paid options for professional bloggers. The subdomain that is provided is free while the custom domain attracts a fee.

One outstanding advantage of is the ease with using the platform compared to

It has a few plug-ins and numerous design options with which you can customize your blog to your taste.

Note that it does not accept any third-party extension; which implies that you only use what you are given.

What We Like

  • Easy to get started.
  • Hosting is free

What We Do Not Like

  • Installation of custom themes is prohibited.
  • Option for the third-party plug-in is not available.
  • Some countries do not allow the site.
  • Monetization is a bit restricted



The Best Blogging Platforms provides you with clarity on the list of platforms that you can get your contents published based on your specifications. Your reason for blogging should guide you in order to decide which blogging platform to settle for.

Your selection of a Blogging Platform can influence your growth and performance in the blogging scene. It is advisable to compare each of the Blogging Platforms with your goals for setting up the blog before signing up.

Each of the platforms has its outstanding merits and demerits, but one thing is, they are all unique in features and packages. If you are a hobby blogger who may not want to be bugged with technical difficulties that are associated with owning a blog, it is crucial you choose the Blogging Platform that will handle the technical aspects for you.

If your goal is to make money and grow professionally in blogging, then choose a platform that is monetarily friendly. Get your goals right; then you can make the right choice from the Best Blogging Platforms.

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