5 App Developers That Are Super-Serious With Content Marketing

Creating great web content is a nice idea but having the content on your site without anyone reading it amounts to a waste of energy, time and resources. That is why content marketing is important because it is a way of making your created content to get to the right target audience.

But is every blogger or publisher good at content marketing? The answer is “NO”.

So many bloggers fail to get beyond mediocrity level because of their apparent failure in content marketing. This post will take a look at 5 App developers that do content marketing well, and how they have succeeded in their core areas and niches.

App Developers That Are Serious With Content Marketing

1. Evernote


Youngsters are the target audience of many mobile apps. They target the young generation because they are likely to pull out their wallets and make in-app purchases in order to lay their hands on the most fashionable and best gear. The target audience of Evernote is the much older, white-collar workers who are in their 30s and 40s who make use of the app in making their lives better organized.

In order to reach their target audience, Evernote polls its audience with social media surveys so as to fully know the kind of content they are interested in.

A proper understanding of the target audience has made Evernote to create its content around articles and video, with emphasis on topics that take care of issues like life hacks, interviews, setting of goals, paperless life, and case studies.

Evernote’s strategy is simple: they lay more emphasis on creating highly informative content for their audience and talk less about installing their apps.

But as the intended audience search for information, they are presented with Evernote’s rich content and then they are eventually persuaded to hang around and possibly install the apps.

Overall, knowing the behavioral pattern of their users has been instrumental to their level of success in content marketing.

2. Bejeweled

Bejeweled is a popular iOS game that gained fame through its marketing strategy. You may have played Bejeweled online or even come across someone who needed assistance in reaching the next level playing the game. Whatever be the case, bejeweled is a successful app which has leveraged content marketing to achieve a great result.

In 2016, the developers introduced a marketing campaign on Instagram that used its branded video on Youtube to try to reach out to their target audience and persuade them to locate their “#shinyplace.”

They deployed their marketing skills into making sure that the campaign was a success.

What did they do?

  • First, they took advantage of Instagram’s platform because they understood that the bulk of Instagram users used their smartphones to access the site. It was, therefore, easier to suggest to the users to install the app on their phones.
  • They collaborated with high influencers on Instagram to create content that was user-targeted and based around the campaign’s hashtag. With time, Bejeweled’s users generated their own content thereby helping the app to go viral without the owners spending more money.
  • Bejeweled used branded videos (videos are known to be a very good tool for content marketing), which engaged users and also ensured that it was shared from one user to the other. Interestingly, the video eventually got over 1.5 million views at the time of the campaign.

3. Fitbit

Fitbit, just like Evernote, has spent a lot of money and time in a content marketing campaign intended to draw the attention of users of mobile app and to also keep those that have installed the app engaged with the right information needed to enable them to succeed.

While Evernote has streamlined its audience to a highly targeted one, Fitbit has decided not to limit itself to a particular group. They decide to reach out to a broader audience.

Its thought’s to create a buzz among industry blogs and drive massive traffic in the process. An analysis performed by Alexa reviewed that more than a third of the sites linking to it were from health blogs while a quarter were from tech gadget blogs.

Fitbit has remained focused on its content creation by regularly updating its blog with health, fitness advice, recipes, as well as tech trends. It makes sure fresh contents are published at least every other day, with a majority of the content in written format (with just 4% of their content in video form).

Since it knows that its story is a mixture of health and tech lifestyle topics, Titbit decided to focus on both sides so that the audience would be well covered.

Focusing on a broad audience pays handsomely sometimes as various users may have different reasons for accepting your content. Hence, staying too restricted to a particular audience might make you miss out on potential users.

4. App Annie

The coming on board of Kate Donahue helped to revolutionize the company in the area of content marketing. Before Kate joined the company as Senior Manager of Content Marketing in 2015, content marketing was done on an ad hoc basis. This made things virtually difficult, especially having to reach their audience in three continents using seven languages.

Kate Donahue’s first focus was to get rid of App Annie’s siloed content processes and replace it with a comprehensive strategy that tapped on the wealth of the company’s existing data.

The company made use of their three years of existing research to generate content targeted at new and emerging regions as well as product innovations. This brought more responsiveness from people who already made some investments in the mobile app space.

Kate did not stop there but went further in creating solution-based content that enabled users to find their way through App Annie’s resources and keep them as connected customers. What are the lessons to learn from this?

  • Work with the data that is already in your possession in order to launch yourself as a leader of thought. Remember to make use of your data to generate content that will set you apart from the pack irrespective of what your mobile app does or your core area.
  • Carry all team members along. Let everyone be involved as you develop a strategy that recognizes the strengths of the formerly siloed department. It is less likely that siloed efforts would ever be as effective as you would want them to be.

5. Uber

Uber is not the company to beat when it comes to digital and referral marketing. The exponential growth experienced by the company is due to previous content campaigns it embarked on (#uberPUPPIES, #uberKITTENS, etc).

Uber recently collaborated with Yext to create hyper-targeted content marketing campaigns which were focused on local information while traveling to specific destinations. Uber actually helps users to make an informed decision while making purchases.


If you are keen on honing your content marketing skills, you need to learn from these 5 App Developers. There is something unique to learn from each of them.

Content marketing has a huge learning curve and everyone who intends to take his site to the next level needs to learn how to do it well. Never allow content marketing mistakes to cost you your hard-earned income.

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  1. Theodore, so good to see you back here writing. I have a Fitbit and they are so good with keeping customers connected. Between their apps and their emails you always hear from them.
    Content marketing takes a lot of work and anything that can save us time is awesome.
    I love the examples you have shared here, thank you.

  2. Hello Theodore,

    Its been a long time to read your post, I think you have stopped writing on your old blog. I just landed here from Inspiretothrive blog, you have shared a great post there too.

    Now coming to this post I guess you are absolutely right about these app developers and their content marketing strategy!

    • Hi Ahmed,

      So good to have you here and yes, it’s really been awhile :). I was caught up with so many things, but I’m gradually coming back again now. Thanks a lot for the visit my friend, I appreciate.


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