Is AllPosters Legit? (Unfiltered Truth)

When shopping online for posters and art, the legitimacy of the website is paramount. “Is AllPosters legit?” is a question many buyers ponder before making a purchase.

AllPosters, a service offering a vast selection of posters, is often scrutinized in customer reviews which range from satisfaction to disappointment. This leaves you wondering about the site’s legitimacy, product quality, and customer service experience.

Discovering the truth about AllPosters requires looking at various aspects such as service reviews, product quality, and how the site stacks up against its competitors.

Evaluating these factors can provide clarity on whether AllPosters is a reliable choice or if you should consider different alternatives in the market.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • AllPosters’ legitimacy is a common concern among prospective buyers.
  • Customer satisfaction varies, highlighting the importance of service and product quality reviews.
  • Comparisons to competitors and alternative options inform consumers’ purchasing decisions.

What Is AllPosters?

Have you ever found yourself hunting for that perfect piece of art to adorn your walls? Say hello to AllPosters, a go-to destination for art lovers and decor enthusiasts. In this article, we’re diving into what AllPosters really is. This isn’t just any retail spot; it’s a treasure trove for posters and art pieces!

AllPosters, recognized as one of the largest online retailers in the art and decor space, boasts a collection that’s impressive in quantity and diversity. They’ve been in the business since the late ’90s, offering a myriad of options for every taste and décor style.

  • Product Range: More than 200,000 products, including:
    • Framed art
    • Posters
    • Apparel
    • And more!

The company enjoys a strong reputation, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and validation as a Verified Merchant in the McAfee SECURE program. Customers appreciate the vast selection available, from vintage advertisements to modern abstract pieces and works by famous artists, as well as those by independent creators.

Opinions vary with experiences, and reviews can help gauge the consensus. Some reviews highlight excellent experiences with sales, product variety, and quality, while others point out areas needing improvement, such as customer service and shipping policies.

With competitive prices and frequent sales, grabbing a 36 by 27-inch poster for a steal has been a highlight for some. AllPosters makes art accessible for those on a tight budget and art aficionados alike, ensuring beauty isn’t confined by price tags.

So, whether you need to spruce up your office or complete your living room, AllPosters could be worth exploring. With a rich history and a significant customer base, it’s clear that AllPosters has made its mark in the world of online art retail.

Is AllPosters Legit?

AllPosters has been in the business of selling posters and art prints since 1998. With a history spanning over two decades, you can find a variety of customer experiences. Some report issues, especially regarding customer service and product quality.

However, reports also indicate that AllPosters has a significant customer base with over 3.5 million customers who have shared their feedback on Trustpilot.

  • Customer Base: Over 3.5 million
    • Trustpilot reports a substantial number of customers.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: A+
    • AllPosters is rated positively based on business practices.
  • Online Reviews: Mixed experiences
    • Varied customer feedback with some negative experiences particularly highlighting customer service and product concerns.

It’s important to note that AllPosters receives mixed reviews. On one hand, they have achieved an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and on the other, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction, particularly mentioning customer service, business days to delivery, and poor quality problems.

In terms of reliability, AllPosters garners a mixed spectrum of reviews. They provide a vast selection with a customer base to match, and while an A+ BBB rating instills confidence, potential buyers should also heed the experiences of past consumers.

The legitimacy of AllPosters, as with many online retailers, appears to boil down to individual consumer experiences, and it might be worth noting the return policy before making a purchase.

Assessing AllPosters’ Product Quality

When you asks, “Is AllPosters legit?”, you’re often curious about the caliber of items you’ll receive. Can you expect crisp, high-quality prints, or is disappointment a package deal?

This section of the article peeks into the material and print quality, alongside the framing options that AllPosters provides. Does the reality live up to the online catalog’s glossy images?

Let’s find out.

Material and Print Assessment

AllPosters’ inventory boasts an extensive range of art prints and posters. Customers weigh in on their experiences, evaluating the quality of prints:

  • Canvas: Celebrated for its gallery-like appearance.
  • Paper Quality: Reports vary; some experience premium feel, others note instances where quality falls short.

Feedback on the site Trustpilot reveals mixed experiences. Some customers express discontentment with the print quality, indicating issues with clarity and color accuracy. Nevertheless, others have extolled the vibrancy and detail that capture their favorite artwork.

Evidently, while quality control appears inconsistent, a satisfactory outcome isn’t unheard of.

Framing and Mounting Options

Framing choices influence the final aesthetic of an art print or poster. When considering AllPosters, one finds:

  • Framing Options: A gamut from basic to deluxe frames.
  • Wood Mount: For a sturdy and enduring display option, though reviews suggest the quality varies.

According to comments found on Sitejabber, some consumers have faced disappointments with the framing quality. Conversely, there are instances where the attention to detail in the framing process has been commended.

Options appear sufficient, but buyer experiences suggest a roulette of quality—you might end up with a stunning framed print ready for your wall, or an item that doesn’t quite match expectations.

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AllPosters Customer Service Experience

Have you ever ordered a poster from AllPosters and found yourself reaching out for assistance? The AllPosters Customer Service Experience can be revealing of a company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

This section peels back the layers on service responsiveness and resolution of issues, anchored on customer testimonials and reported experiences. Let’s find out how responsive AllPosters is and whether they can fix a pickle when you’re stuck!

Service Responsiveness

Customers report varying experiences with the responsiveness of the AllPosters customer service team. An area that often garners feedback is:

  • Email Communication: It’s said that when issues are raised to AllPosters via email, reactions are mixed. Some customers experience prompt replies, while others find themselves in a frustrating loop, waiting for a solution.

In terms of reaching out, several customers have emphasized the difficulty in finding a direct phone number to call, which can add to the frustration when an immediate answer is sought.

Resolution of Issues

When it comes to actually fixing problems, customers have had a range of experiences:

  • Complaints and Satisfaction: The effectiveness of resolving complaints seems inconsistent. While some customers receive replacements or refunds in line with the company’s claimed 100% satisfaction guarantee, others express dissatisfaction, feeling that the return policy does not always protect them.
  • Incompetence and Personal Data: Reports of incompetence in handling orders and personal data have surfaced, indicating a lack of issue resolution. These experiences suggest a need for improvement in both their satisfaction guarantee enforcement and the protection of customer information.

Customers yearn for a more reliable and easy approach to issue resolution, hoping for a more satisfaction guaranteed experience.

AllPosters Delivery and Shipping Policies

When considering a purchase from AllPosters, customers often wonder about the delivery and shipping policies that govern their orders. Will my new art piece arrive in good condition? How fast can I get my hands on the latest decor for my walls?

This section unpacks the essentials of what AllPosters offers in terms of domestic and international shipping, from handling time to overall shipping durations, ensuring buyers can make informed decisions with peace of mind.

Domestic and International Shipping

AllPosters caters to both local and international clientele with comprehensive shipping options. Whether you’re ordering from next door or across the globe, here’s what you should expect:

  • Courier Services: AllPosters utilizes reputable courier services like FedEx for reliable delivery.
  • Packaging: To minimize the risk of damage, items are carefully packaged with adequate protection.
  • Stock and Availability: Stock levels can affect availability. If an item is out of stock, AllPosters works diligently to replenish it swiftly.
  • International Shipping: For those outside the domestic range, international shipping is available, though additional fees and delivery times may apply.

Handling and Shipping Duration

The time it takes for your AllPosters package to arrive can vary based on several factors:

  • Production Time: Some products require a production lead time, which will be factored into the delivery times.
  • Shipping Methods: Customers can choose from standard to expedited shipping options, depending on how quickly they need their order.
  • Shipping Times: Expectations for shipping times should account for potential delays due to external factors such as COVID-19.
  • Tracking: Once dispatched, customers receive a tracking number to monitor their package’s journey.
  • Delivery Conditions: Should there be any inconvenience or the item arrives damaged, refunds or replacements are available according to AllPosters’ customer-friendly policies.

In summary, AllPosters strives to ensure a straightforward and satisfactory shipping experience, keeping you updated from cart to door.

How Does AllPosters Compare to Competitors?

When it comes to wall art, the choices are plenty, but you’re probably wondering how AllPosters stands out in the crowded marketplace. Selection, value, and customer policies are key differentiators when sizing up against giants like Amazon and specialized retailers.

We’ll dig into the specifics of AllPosters’ offerings and its competitive pricing, helping you understand precisely where it lands in the ocean of decor, art prints, and posters.

Selection and Varieties Offered

AllPosters boasts an extensive array of wall art ranging from fine art prints to movie posters, offering customers a diverse spectrum of wall decorations to suit various tastes. The selection includes everything from iconic photos to trendy wall stickers.

In comparison to Amazon, which certainly has a large catalog, AllPosters focuses more on curated collections that cater to art aficionados and those looking for niche items.

  • Posters: Thousands of options including movie, music, and vintage posters.
  • Fine Art Prints: A selection of classic and contemporary art.
  • Wall Stickers: Fun and easy-to-apply options for quick decor updates.
  • T-Shirts: A line of wearable art for fans of iconic brands and bands.

Pricing and Value Deals

AllPosters is recognized for providing competitive pricing and periodic sales promotions that enhance its value proposition. Customers are particularly enticed by the value deals on framing options, which can often be a hidden cost at other competitors.

While competitors may offer lower base prices on some items, AllPosters’ bulk deals and framing sales frequently tilt the scales in its favor for the budget-conscious shopper.

  • Framing Sales: Regular discounts on professional-quality framing services.
  • Bulk Deals: Savings on multiple purchases, perfect for those looking to fill an entire space with art.

This specific focus on art, coupled with aggressive pricing strategies, makes AllPosters a worthy competitor in the market, appealing to those seeking quality and affordability in their art selections.

Different AllPosters Alternatives


Art lovers seeking a collection similar to AllPosters might find brimming with options. From fine art prints to captivating photography, this platform allows for exquisite customization—think frames that speak to your style!

2. CafePress

For those who adore a side of personalization with their art, CafePress offers an array of design choices. They have a knack for turning blank spaces into expressions of personality.

3. Zazzle

Diversity in design? Check. A platform for artists to showcase their marvels? Check. Zazzle makes it easy for buyers to discover unique artworks and creations that might just be the centerpieces of their spaces.

4. Spreadshirt

Not just content with decking out your walls? Spreadshirt extends the realm of art to wearable items, with designs that can express your or your room’s character.

5. Meander

Finally, for those who prefer boutique over mass market, Meander stands out. With an emphasis on distinctive designs and a close-knit artist community, this is a place where every piece tells its own enchanting story.

From mass-market offerings to niche, handcrafted artworks, these alternatives to AllPosters ensure that every art seeker can find a hang-worthy masterpiece. Whether it’s for their home, office, or wardrobe, options abound in the world of online art retail.

FAQs About AllPosters

What are people saying about AllPosters on Reddit?

When it comes to customer testimonials on Reddit, the conversations vary, but lean towards personal experiences with products quality and delivery.

How can I grab an AllPosters coupon for my next purchase?

Spotting an AllPosters coupon could be as easy as signing up for their email newsletter or scouring online deal sites—they often offer promotional discounts.

What’s the scoop on AllPosters shipping times?

Customers sometimes mention delays in shipping on review sites, but the exact times can depend on your location and the item ordered.

Does AllPosters have a good reputation on Trustpilot?

Indeed, they’ve earned a positive impression with a rating that shows a healthy number of satisfied customers on Trustpilot.

Are AllPosters and two peas in a pod?

AllPosters and fall under the same umbrella, offering an extensive selection of art, which sometimes leads to shared features or promotions.

What’s the best way to reach out to AllPosters customer service?

If you need assistance, customers can contact AllPosters customer services through their website’s help center, via email, or by phone for direct support.